How to use CKEditor5 with NextJS

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Here’s everything you need to know about CKEditor5 and how to integrate it into your NextJS application.

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Hey coders, are you in need of an advanced WYSIWYG editor ? Then CKEditor5 might be the thing for you. CKEditor5 is a customizable and clean-looking rich text editor. Here's how to use it with NextJS v13.

Create a Custom Build

Head over to and create a custom build with your preferred plugins and settings. The nice thing about CKEditor5 is it's plugin system. You can pick the stuff you want and rearrange it however you want.

If you want a basic editor, just hit next step a couple of times and download your custom build.

Install Your Build

Unzip the build and put it somewhere in your project files, then run the following command to install it locally.

Import & Use It

Star the project on GitHub